You will be working in either Private Hospitals or the home within the central London area, either on a day or night shift, to provide the required level of nursing care. You will be assigned to work with only one child at any one time. 

You will need to be currently registered with the NMC and will be competent in carrying out at least 2 of the following to apply:

    •    Peg Feed/Care
    •    Tracheostomy Management
    •    Specialised Wound Dressing (e.g. Hickman Line)
    •    Intravenous Therapy/Drug Administration

You will have the following skills/experience:

    •    Excellent communication, organisational, customer service, proven problem solving skills
    •    Ability to demonstrate patience and calm at all times
    •    Self-motivated with an acute level of attention to detail

You will work with the motto of “leaving no stone unturned” when it comes to your patient care.

    •    At least 2 years post qualification experience
    •    Experience of working within the NHS Trust
    •    Experience of working within private hospitals
    •    Previous experience doing “one to one specials”
    •    You will have had previous experience of working independently.