Harley Street Nurses is a Private Company, established to provide a comprehensive and flexible range of professional health care services in line with current health service and community care policies. Our services are managed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by friendly and experienced staff that aim to maintain the high standards of care that Harley Street Nurses clients expect. Our recruitment and compliance procedure is extremely robust and thorough because we are passionate about the quality of our members and the service we provide. The majority of our members have been with us since 2004, we are truly a network of family and friends. We continue to welcome new members to our growing network. Harley Street Nurses will always work to create an environment which is 100% honest, ethical, and morally sound for both client and healthcare professional. The main issue at all times will be to look after the health and interest of those that have contact with Harley Street Nurses. Our members are rewarded with full support and quick and timely weekly payments. We will ensure first class delivery of service, making sure that each person is treated as an individual and that their privacy and dignity is respected at all times without question. We aim to get it right, first time, all the time, simply because we do not believe in second chances when it comes to healthcare and individuals.