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Registration requirements

Thank you for your interest in joining Harley Street Nurses. For us to progress and approve your application you will need to complete the form below and note the things you will need to complete it.

  • Passport and relevant work permit (if applicable) or EU birth certificate.
  • Two passport size photographs.
  • Statement of Entry, Pin Card and Nursing Diploma/Degree certificate (Registered Nurses)
  • Health Care Assistant certificate (Healthcare Assistants)
  • Certificates of the following dated within the last 12 months: –
  • CPR (Basic Life Support), Moving & Handling/Risk Assessment  and Health and Safety.
  • Contact details of your last two employers (including telephone, fax number and e-mail address) for reference purposes
  • National Insurance card or confirmation of number e.g. P45, P60 or Payslip.
  • Proof of Address (e.g. utility bill/bank statement dated within 3 months)
  • All educational and training certificates referred to on your application form
  • CV/Resume – if you have one.
  • Proof of Immunity,  please bring the following:
    • Varicella (You must provide a written statement to confirm that you have had chicken pox or shingles however we strongly advise that you provide serology test result showing varicella immunity)
    • Tuberculosis (We require an occupational health/GP certificate of a positive scar or a record of a positive skin test result (Do not Self Declare)
    • Rubella, Measles & Mumps (Certificate of “two” MMR vaccinations or proof of a positive antibody for Rubella and Measles)
    • Hepatitis B (You must provide a copy of the most recent pathology report showing titre levels of 100lu/l or above)

It would also help if you bring in with you as many of the following as possible:

  • ENB Certificate or certificates of further study.
  • Driving Licence – if you have one.
  • Control & Restraint Certificates dated within 12 months.
  • Aggression Awareness Certificate dated within 12 months.

You will also need to complete DBS (Disclosure and Barred Services) – Enhanced disclosure, in the name of Harley Street Nurses. The disclosure has to cover POVA (Protection of Vulnerable Adults) and/or POCA (Protection of the Children’s Act) if applicable.

Please note:  There will be a charge of £52 for the DBS payable on induction unless you can provide us with  DBS Update Service.

If you would prefer to download, print and complete the form offline, return them to Harley Street Nurses by post at 12 Harley Street, London W1G 9PG and please ensure that the correct amount of postage is paid.

If you are unable to supply any of the above requirements please call us for clarification before submitting the forms.